This is me


Hey everyone! My name is Massa. I’m a fusion dancer.

Dancing has always given my life meaning. It was about a few years ago as I started visiting a Tribal Fusion class. Back then, it was for me like a whole new level of movement. This is how my big journey has started.

Beside visiting weekly classes with my awesome teacher Eliana Hofmann, I have learned from so many international teachers, such as:

Sharon Kihara, Illan Riviere, Samantha Emanuel, Djeynee Tribal, Anasma, Djamila Kotsch, Lorena Galeano, Alexis Southall…

In July 2013, I had my first performance in an ensemble, which was a new experience for me. Ever since I am a proud member of “Liquid Lemon”. Read more about us here.



In 2014, I won my first award at Tribal Convention. Well, I don’t want to lie to you! It felt soooo GOOD: so I had to repeat winning the first place in a competition, at Tribal festival 2015 in Hanover. No, seriously, they were both amazing experiences and I grew a little on each occasion.

I love being a fusion dancer, because it has simply no limits. You are never done, you never learn enough. I am so happy and thankful for being a dancer, who has the chance to share her passion on stage with the world.

Please read my interview with the online dance magazine Hagalla in German here.